Leak as well as rupture types of failures related to sustained-load-cracking (SLC) have been observed in high-pressure gas cylinders fabricated from certain aluminium alloy. The stable crack growth mechanism observed primarily in the cylinder neck and shoulder area have been identified as the SLC mechanism occurring at room temperature without any environmental effect. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Sub-Committee 3, Working Group 16 has developed a test method to measure the SLC resistance using fracture mechanics specimens along with an acceptance criterion for aluminium cylinders. The technical rationale for the proposed test method and the physical significance of the acceptance criterion to the cylinder performance in terms of critical stress-crack size relationship is presented. Application of the developed test method for characterizing new aluminium alloy for manufacturing cylinders is demonstrated. SLC characteristics of several aluminium cylinders as well as on-board cylinders for natural gas vehicles assessed by the authors are discussed.

, and
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Sustained-Load-Cracking Characteristics of Aluminum-Lined NGV Cylinders
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
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