This paper deals with a determination of the fracture toughness requirement to obtain leak-before-break performance for a 155–175 ksi strength level high-pressure gas cylinder. Analytical LEFM methods along with Irwin’s KIc-Kc equation related by the parameter βIc were used to predict the fracture toughness requirement for the plane-stress fracture state problem. Experimental work was conducted on flawed cylinders to quantify the fracture toughness requirement for leak-before-break performance. The results indicated that the analytically predicted toughness requirement is 4 to 25 percent higher than that established experimentally. The results also indicated that the minimum specified KIc(J) value of 85 ksi in. (93.5 MPam) for the gas cylinder is sufficiently higher than the analytically and experimentally established toughness values to provide the desired leak-before-break performance.

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