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  Virtual Special Issue for Clean Hydrogen Research

ASME looks to assist researchers and anyone looking for Additive Manufacturing Resources.

List of Articles from ASME Digital Collection.

Development of a Geothermal-Based Integrated Plant for Generating Clean Hydrogen and Other Useful Commodities

Comparison Studies of Reactivity on Nickel-Ferrite and Cerium-Oxide Redox Materials for Two-Step Thermochemical Water Splitting Below 1400°C

Water Fuel Development: Part 1 - Clean Energy Production From Water Splitting High Temperature Electrolysis Process in Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

A Comprehensive Analysis of an Electrolytic Hydrogen Production System Based on Solar Radiation for the Generation of Clean Energy

Comparison of Performance of Flamelet Generated Manifold Model With That of Finite Rate Combustion Model for Hydrogen Blended Flames

Investigation of Thermochemical Hydrogen Production via the Novel Thermo-Mechanical Stabilized Iron Oxide-Zirconia Porous Structure

Temperature and Pressure Effects on Hydrogen Separation From Syngas

Reactivity of Iron-Containing YSZ for a Two-Step Thermochemical Water Splitting Using Thermal Reduction Temperatures of 1400–1500°C

A Two-Step Thermochemical Water Splitting by Iron-Oxide on Stabilized Zirconia

Advanced Exergy, Exergoeconomic, Exergoenvironmental Evaluation of a Solar Hybrid Trigeneration System Based on Solar Gas Turbine for an Office Building

An Efficient Energy Utilization of Biomass Energy-Based System for Renewable Hydrogen Production and Storage

Design and Analysis of a Novel Integrated Wind-Solar-OTEC Energy System for Producing Hydrogen, Electricity, and Fresh Water

Techno-Economic Analysis of a Hydrogen Production and Storage System for the On-Site Fuel Supply of Hydrogen-Fired Gas Turbines

Can Water Dilution Avoid Flashback on a Hydrogen-Enriched Micro-Gas Turbine Combustion?—A Large Eddy Simulations Study


Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?

Advanced Hydrogen Generation With Concentrated Solar Power Systems

A Reactive Fe-YSZ Coated Foam Device for Solar Two-Step Water Splitting

Sequential Combustion in Ansaldo Energia Gas Turbines: The Technology Enabler for CO 2 -Free, Highly Efficient Power Production Based on Hydrogen

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