Dedicated to Professor Stanislav Meshkov on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Interest in fractional calculus has quickened profoundly in the past few decades, resulting in a large body of articles devoted to this challenge, and sometimes researchers, especially young ones, who have tried to or will attempt the fractional calculus in problems of mechanics, may be hard pressed to orient themselves in such information explosion. Thus, as a result, certain findings are rediscovered, references are cited improperly or even incorrectly, priorities are placed erroneously, and some results remain concealed. In this connection, a story about two papers dealing with fractional calculus application in mechanics is rather instructive.

The first paper to be under consideration is “A New Dissipation Model Based on Memory Mechanism” by the Italian researchers Caputo and Mainardi (1), which was submitted in March 5, 1971 to Pure and Applied Geophysics and was published in...

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