Contributed by the Applied Mechanics Division of THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS for publication in the ASME JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS. Manuscript received by the ASME Applied Mechanics Division, Dec. 13, 2000; final revision, Dec. 12, 2001. Associate Editor: K. Ravi-Chandar.

The dynamic response of a penny-shaped crack in a three-dimensional piezoelectric ceramic strip under nonaxisymmetric normal mechanical and electrical impact loads is analyzed based on the continuous electric boundary conditions on the crack surface. The potential theory and Hankel and Laplace transforms are used to obtain the systems of dual integral equations, which are then expressed to Fredholm integral equations. The singular mechanical and electric fields and all sorts of dynamic field intensity factors of Mode I are obtained, and the numerical values of various field intensity factors for PZT-6B piezoelectric ceramic are graphically shown for transverse bending impact loads.

Consider a piezoelectric strip of thickness 2...
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