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ASME 2013 Turbine Blade Tip Symposium
September 30–October 3, 2013
Hamburg, Germany
Conference Sponsors:
  • International Gas Turbine Institute
ASME 2013 Turbine Blade Tip Symposium

Turbine Blade Tip Steady and Unsteady Aerodynamics

TBTS 2013; V001T01A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T01A002doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T01A003doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T01A004doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T01A005doi:

Turbine Blade Tip Heat Transfer, Internal, External, and Film Cooling

TBTS 2013; V001T02A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T02A002doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T02A003doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T02A004doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T02A005doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T02A006doi:

Unshrouded and Shrouded Blade Tip Design

TBTS 2013; V001T03A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T03A002doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T03A003doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T03A004doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T03A005doi:

Clearance Effects and Clearance Control

TBTS 2013; V001T04A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T04A002doi:

Blade Tip or Shroud Surface Treatments and Abradable Coatings

TBTS 2013; V001T05A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T05A002doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T05A003doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T05A004doi:

New or Modified Designs and Innovations

TBTS 2013; V001T09A001doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T09A002doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T09A003doi:
TBTS 2013; V001T09A004doi:
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