A prediction method of dangerous points resulting from dynamic erosion was studied by combining Computational Fluid Dynamics and application cases. CFD numerical simulation software was used to simulate conditions of real process in industry. Considering the factors like geometry, flow velocity, flow direction, different erosion results in various situation were exampled and analyzed. Working conditions were sorted out and related sample graphs were made and indexed. This prediction method can reveal flow law of internal flow field and flow field distribution. Hence, critical points caused by dynamic erosion can be found and sensor-layout plan for online inspection, monitoring and management can be introduced. The safety in the use of industrial pipelines can be guaranteed. This method had been applied on pipelines of an oil and gas company in western China. A series of studies regarding their erosion rates and trend predictions were done based on actual situation on site. The technical route for applying this method was explained in detail. The corrosion mechanism and calculation method for this case were concretely stated. The prediction results and influencing factors of erosion parts were stated and the significance of using above-mentioned prediction method is declared.

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