A study combining modelling and a series of experiments on large specimens submitted to a thermal shock or isothermal cooling has been performed in CEA-Saclay in order to show the WPS benefit on large scale specimen. The test series, named BATMAN, was made on 18MND5 ferritic steel bars, containing a short or large fatigue pre-crack. For the two performed tests (fast thermal shock creating a gradient across the thickness of the bar or for the gradual uniform cooling), the effect of “Warm Pre-Stressing” was confirmed. In both cases, no propagation was observed during the thermal transient. Fracture occurred under low temperature conditions, at the end of the test when the tensile load was increased. The failure loads then recorded were substantially higher than during pre-stressing. To illustrate the benefit of the WPS effect, numerical interpretations were performed using either global approach or local approach criteria. The capability of models to predict the WPS effect was clearly shown.

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