Increasing global demands for energy are spurring research efforts to improve the efficiency of fossil power plants while simultaneously reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Current research reveals that a power plant’s efficiency increases when it is operated at Advanced Ultra Super Critical (A-USC) temperatures and pressures. These operating conditions require some plant components to be made from nickel-based superalloys. Previous research has established HAYNES® 282® alloy1 (UNS N07208), a Ni-Cr-Co-Mo-Ti-Al precipitation hardenable alloy, as a viable choice for A-USC applications. For such components, current interest is focused on the development of a single step age hardening treatment. An earlier paper presented the mechanical properties of an 8-hour single step age hardening heat treatment at 800°C (1472°F)/8 hr/AC. This paper will review preliminary results of a shorter single age treatment: 800°C (1472°F)/4 hr/AC.

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