Alloy 740H was developed specifically for boiler tube and steam transfer pipe for the Advanced-Ultrasupercritical steam boiler application. The composition was formulated to provide creep strength, weldability and oxidation and coal ash corrosion resistance. It is the first nickel-base age-hardened alloy to be approved under Section 1 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Although a significant amount of microstructure and creep data was submitted to support the code case, it was largely collected on tube and light plate, much of this from pilot-scale material. The data package did not cover other product forms, sizes, hot working methods and weld joint configurations that may be required to construct a power plant. These include large diameter pipe, bends, fittings, heavy section welds, dissimilar metal welds, etc. that have complex thermal cycles and composition gradients. An ongoing effort is underway to characterize the microstructure and properties of alloy 740H under a range of manufacturing processes and to project these results through the potential life cycle of a plant. This paper describes the current status of this work.

Paper published with permission.

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