One 24” Diameter and around 40 km length Natural Gas pipeline caters as energy life line for Mumbai city; supplying app 4.5 MMSCMD Gas for Auto Sectors (CNG), House Hold (PNG), Power, Fertiliser, Petrochemical Sectors. Though line is equipped with Launcher & Receiver; but onward became challenging one for executing pigging for many constraints:

- Presence of One SR bend

- Presence of 1.5 D bends

- Presence of 1.5 D bends with Back to Back configuration

- Three (3) no Thermal Expansion Loops, in 2 Km stretch passing as above ground pipeline through bridge (above Creek) section

The pipe line is passing through High Consequence areas, including its interim stretch of 2km passing as above ground section through bridge structure.

Intelligent pigging is an obvious first preference for online precise integrity assessment for any pipeline.

Site Specific Assessment, Detail Engineering & Committed approach resulted in Feasibility & Development of ILI Tool, Practical Testing in fore hand before actual pigging & onward Integrity Assessment of the pipeline conducted by accomplishing Successful ILI run.

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