Focusing on the advantages of simple structure, quick response and good static performance when fuel system using variable pressure difference valve (VPDV) and the development trend to full authority digital engine control (FADEC) of modern engine, this paper aims to propose a design method of digital speed closed-loop control system based on fuel metering unit (FMU) using VPDV. Firstly, the working principle of a real engine with VPDV is introduced, and the nonlinear AMESim model of the system is established. Secondly, the static analysis of VPDV and metering valve is carried out, and the principle of speed closed-loop control of the hydraulic mechanical system is revealed. Therefore, we built the structure of digital speed control circuit with VPDV. Thirdly, a PI controller is designed for the model augmented by the engine and VPDV, and the parameters of the controller are optimized by the differential evolution (DE) algorithm. Moreover, the controller of gain scheduling is applied to the engine nonlinear model simulation platform. Simulation results illustrated that the designed digital speed closed-loop control can realize the function of speed regulation, and has the advantages of good servo performance and strong stability in comparison with the original hydraulic mechanical control system.

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