This paper presents an investigation of the effect of different solution limiters on the prediction of the performance of a transonic fan. The Dervieux, Venkatakrishnan, and Multidimensional Limiting Process (MLP) limiters were considered. In addition, a new limiter is presented that combines the amount of limiting proposed by Park and Kim with the Venkatakrishnan limiter function. The implementation of the new limiter was first tested on an inviscid convergent-divergent nozzle for flows with or without a discontinuity. The results of the nozzle tests were in excellent agreement with the analytic result. The NASA Rotor 67 geometry was then used to assess the limiter’s usefulness in computing turbomachinery flows. Both an inviscid and a turbulent configuration were considered. The inviscid results showed improved convergence for the new limiter over the Venkatakrishnan limiter. Good agreement with experimental data was seen for both the inviscid and turbulent test configurations.

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