The dissolution of light components in crude oil would increase its saturated vapor pressure, and easy to produce losses during the storage and transportation process. However, the crude oil containing light hydrocarbons has better flowing properties and rheological properties under low temperature. Compared with degassed crude oil, the viscosity, yield stress and freezing point of dissolved-gas crude oil have been improved obviously. On the basis of analyzing energy consumption of the gathering system and total energy cost of pipeline operation, the improved gathering and transportation process without the device in stabilizing crude oil will be considered. The new process mode not only makes the overall upstream of the gathering and transportation system be airtight, but also has the advantages of simple process, less equipment, high degree of automation and convenient management. It helps to form an integrated three-links structure among joint station, pipeline and refinery, which is of a huge energy-saving potential to the environment and safe operation of the gathering and transportation system with crude oil pipelines.

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