In this paper, an establishment of heat transfer model is performed to study the effects of different types of mixed intermediate fluid on the vaporizer performance. It is found that compared with pure propane, mixed ethane-propane working fluid can bring about a reduction of 10% ∼ 25% for the heat exchange area of intermediate fluid vaporizer IFV. In addition, using mixed butane-propane working medium could stabilize the saturated pressure of intermediate fluid at a relatively low level of 0.2 MPa, while the saturated pressure of pure propane ranges from 0.33 MPa to 0.65 MPa. Thereby, the former one is more reliable than the latter one in an aspect of safe operation. Moreover, after an investigation and selection, the results show that the saturated pressure of intermediate fluid varying from 0.3 MPa to 0.6 MPa and the amount of LNG overloaded over than 130% is beneficial for the improvement of comprehensive heat transfer performance of IFV.

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