Some critical voices, related and not related to the academic institutions but interested in solar dryers, have complained about the lack of additional information in specialized scientific articles that allows them to compare prototypes to each other, to be able to select the one that satisfy more its necessities. As the dryers are one of the applications of solar equipment that draws attention of un-specialized people, it is important to take care of these critics. For that reason we decided to verify the validity of this CLAIM, reviewing a sample of several articles related with solar dryers and looking for – aside from the information that the authors were interested to present – information that would allow to compare the dryers to each other. The criteria that we employed to select such articles are: 1) that they were published in different magazines, 2) that the authors were from different countries and, 3) that dates of publication covered a wide period of time. As a result of this review we obtained that, independently of the originality and particularities of each prototype, all the described articles had a lack of common information that would allow the comparison among the solar energy dryers of different authors. With this result we conclude that complaint about this lack of information is valid and that therefore it is desirable that articles to treat this subject should include – in addition to the information that each author wishes to present – information common to other prototypes, so that the interested readers can compare and select the prototype that satisfies its necessities with respect to solar drying.

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