This paper presents the first stage of the design and construction of a small dish/Stirling system, the materials and the methodology utilized for the conversion of a satellite dish of television 3 m diameter in a solar concentrator are described. That will be use in a small solar thermal power production system. The optical studies made for this work include an analysis of the reflecting surface by simple photography and a visualization of the cone formed by the concentrated radiation, by means of artificial fog. Simple photography helps to appreciate the performance of the concentrator surface. In order to make a calorimetric test, a conical receiver was designed and constructed out of steel, which was covered with highly absorbent selective surface (SOLKOTE HI/SORB-II), that allows a useful heat of 4375, 8 W and a global efficiency of 73.8%. In addition a temperature of 389 °C was reached in a steel plate made of Steel A570-45 covered with the same absorbent painting. Finally it is concluded that using this discontinued equipment represents technical and economics advantages, and it is possible to develop small systems of electrical solar thermal power at low cost.

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